3B NEUROtrainer ™ - Ken het zenuwstelsel in een oogwenk. 1002491

3B NEUROtrainer ™ - Ken het zenuwstelsel in een oogwenk.
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Wilt u de structuur van de hersenen bestuderen?
Dan is de 3B NEUROtrainer ™ het juiste programma voor u. Meer dan 800 anatomische termen en 110 nauwkeurige illustraties wachten op u om interactief gebruikt te worden bij het bestuderen van de complexe menselijke anatomie.


English description:
Software providing quick help for clever students Do you want to study the structures of the human brain without losing your nerves? Then the 3B NEUROtrainer™ is the right software program for you. Over 800 anatomical terms and 110 accurate illustrations are waiting to be interactively used by you throughout this complex field of human anatomy. The unique quiz function and the clearly organized status of your study progress allow steady planning of your study objectives. Together with the lectures and prep course, the NEUROtrainer™ software provides optimal support for preparing exams in the subjects of biology and medicine, with focus on areas such as the human nervous system and anatomy of the brain. Study of human anatomy has never been so easy. Use this software for optimal exam preparation.
Unique new Quiz function with selectable parameters such as:
Subject areas to be tested
Number of attempts & Time pressure
Multiple choice mode (what is it?)
Location questions (where is it?)
Instantaneous and systematic analysis of quiz results
Organization of revision tasks with long term progress evaluation
Direct access to quiz from Memo-Box
Exchange of quiz and study lists
Additional Highlights
5 Language version. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, (Latin)
Extensive printing functions
Zoom to 200% - no interpolation
Fully hyperlinked index
Extra Glossary with over 300 general terms explained

Runs directly from CD ROM. No installation necessary


ISBN 3-8294-0004-7


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MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WINDOWS 98/NT/2000/ME/XP: Pentium processor 200 MHz, 64 MB RAM 8 x CD-ROM drive Monitor resolution 640 x 480, 32.000 Colors (16 Bit) Sound card. Not compatible with Windows XP SP2 or higher.


MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MACINTOSH: Power PC, Mac OS 7.5 56 MB free RAM 8 x CD-ROM drive Monitor resolution 640 x 480, 32.000 Colors (16 Bit). Not compatible with Mac OS X or higher. 

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