CD-ROM Histopathologie, Engels (Macintosh / Windows). 1004881

CD-ROM Histopathologie, Engels (Macintosh / Windows).
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Cel en genetica
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Cursus histopathologie: microscopische beelden met mondelinge toelichting.

Het programma begeleidt medische studenten door de hele cursus histopathologie.


English description:

This presentation of a histopathology course unites the view of microscopic illustrations with speech explanations in a handy manner. The program accompanies the medical students through the entire course of histopathology, but it also allows the experienced practitioner to revise the basic knowledge.

All important details of the pathological microscopic course can be recapitulated and the user has the option to select the preparations as well as his individual learning speed. The choice in pictures can be made according to organ areas and/or clinical grouping. Each screen then shows several microscopic views in classical colouring and excellent presentation; the zoom function enables a magnification up to 200%. If desired, tool tips can be selected as well as speech explanation for the cell and tissue properties represented in the pictures.

An additional text window shows a short summary of the histological diagnosis of the clinical picture, an alphabetical index as well as a glossary of the most common technical terminology.

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ISBN 3-8294-0001-2


Pentium processor 200 MHz, 64 MB RAM
8 x CD-ROM drive
Monitor resolution 640 x 480, 32.000 Colours (16 Bit)
Sound card

Power PC, Mac OS 7.5
56 MB free RAM
8 x CD-ROM drive
Monitor resolution 640 x 480, 32.000 Colours (16 Bit) 

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